How to Order

Order flower online from Abudhabi Flower Shop.Com

1) Sender has the options to select the required item from

  1. Gift Items ( see tab on left side of the website)
  2. Occasions ( See tab on left side of the website)

2) Click on the preferred item and fill the details in order form

Recipient/Beneficiary is the person who will receive the gift. Name and physical address is required for flowers delivery in Abu Dhabi. If address is not available telephone number or mobile number of the recipient can be provided, so that we can call and find out the address.

Card message with flowers can be written in the box provided in the order form. Message can be in any language. Whatever is written in the order form will only be given to the recipient as the message printed and pasted in a greeting card.

Date and time range need to be given. Time range of 2-3 hours need to be given (eg: 10 am to 12 Noon, 3 pm to 5 pm etc) Order flower online from

3) Submit the order form and make payment:

We will receive the order immediately and at the same time you will be able to make the payment by credit card. If you already have a paypal account, payment can be done through paypal. If not then you can pay by credit card – Visa, Master, American express, for delivery of flowers in Abu Dhabi.

4) We will send a confirmation of order email:

It would be mentioned in payment receipt that it would take 24 hours to review the payment. But we will go ahead with the order for flowers Abu Dhabi, even if the payment processing is not completed, and the flower delivery is urgent. We will inform you if there is any problem with payment review.

5) We can send an email confirmation of delivery after completing the delivery.

6) To order over phone or email :

send address, message by card by text message to  00971504236374 along with your email id to send a link for payment by credit card. Or email us the address for delivery, card message and selected picture by email to